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When it’s a job

I tend to get sick more than the average person. I’m generally able to shake it off pretty quick, but it always seems to occure at the least convienient time. Like now for instance.

I’m nearing the middle of a 4 week Loony Bin run which I have been looking forward to for a while. With the temps fluctuating between 70 and 20 the last few weeks I came down with what ever is going around. Comedy is not one of those jobs that is conducive to calling in sick, so I loaded up on the following medicines… Zycam, which you spray up your nose then fight to keep it in, Emergen-C which you drink and try to hold down, Flu & Severe Cold, which taste worse than emergen-C, but on the positive side makes you groggy and a neti-pot. The later is my favorite. You take what looks like a miniture tea pot, mix the solution, place one end in your nose and pour it in one nostril till it comes out the other. It’s not as attractive as it sounds.

Like most comics, I always feel better better on stage. The energy, adrenalin, or whatever you want to call it always seems to be the best medicine. Last night was no exception. I felt fine, but my voice cracked and threatened to quit multiple times. Had I taped it, I would have marketed it as “Mr. Haney from Green Acres does Oklahoma.”

The second show was even worse, as far as my voice, or lack there of goes. I must say though, the crowds were awsome. They shussed talking tables themselves, laughed loud in all the right spots and were as quiet as any sold out show I have seen between punch lines.

I’m spending my days in bed, avoiding the headliner, (Janet Williams) like the plague I already have and hoping she does not catch it. The Emcee, (Leigh) is great, but I’m not sure she can pull of an hour and a half.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Nashville in a few weeks. I’ve also got the hook up if anyone needs a used neti pot.