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Tough guy shots

Had a fun run in Florida, worked the Club Med for the first time. The deal is, you stay 7 days at Club Med, then do 2 shows over the weekend. All food and drinks are free. I now weigh around 300.

Last night was spent in the Land Of 10000 Lakes. I saw two of them. I also saw two guys doing “Tough guy shots”. The basic idea behind these type shots is… first you snort a line of table salt with a straw, then take a shot of tequilla, then squeeze a shot of lime in your eye. Seriously.

I’m in Grand Forks tonight, at Dreamers, then back to the Bunch of Lakes State, (Moorhead) for Thursday through Saturday shows, then ending Sunday with a one nighter in Coon Rapids. Seriously.

Upcoming local shows… Wild Horse Saloon October 22, Comedy Kaos show in Franklin October 26.