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Tellin Tales

I’ve had a ball working in Branson Mo, the show capital of America this last season and a half. We finished up for 2016 at the Famous Baldknobber’s Theater. It’s been a learning experience, going from standup comedy to a two person show and the learning took place in front of live audiences. We are so grateful for the people who have came out and supported the show, the Mabe Family, Jim Holmes our manager and the best sound man in Branson Brian Hissink. We hope to be back next year for some shows and to see some friends. It’s a great town. We also have some road gigs coming soon.
Meanwhile, I’ve got a few stand up shows coming up,
Dec 10th Kentucky State Police Lodge 4
Jan 27th Dallas Georgia (W/Tellin Tales)
Feb 3/4 Greenville SC
10/11 Greensboro NC
17/18 Fredricksburg VA
22 Manchester TN
24/25 Charleston WV
March 24/25 Cary N.C.
April 5th – 9th Zanies Nashville. Closing the 5th, featuring for Killer Beaz 6-9.
Also, check out Funny Business on the internet, it’s a funny show about the Thurmond family and their Circus work/adventures. I’m in a couple of episodes myself.
Have a great one, and thanks for reading!