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It’s still cold.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this website, mostly because I forgot I had one, and partially due to just regular laziness.

I’m currently in Milwaukee with two shows Saturday at the Potowaname (sic?) casino to wrap up a three casino run including two in northern Michigan. Of course I didn’t bring a jacket in spite of the fact that there is still snow on the ground in spots, but it felt pretty warm when I left Tennessee. Apparently, Al Gore causes global warming.

Fortunately I was able to keep my vow of only gambling with money I would have otherwise given the homeless, so I’m not out much.

Thanks to all the folks that made it out to Zanies April 28th for the benefit show for the luekemia association. Shawn Tidwell did a great job following a very sobering video of the effects of such a terrible disease, making my job quite a bit easier. The crowd was fantastic and it was great to see so many opening their hearts and wallets for a cure.

Can’t wait to get home and see my big hammer-headed dog. If you’ve ever had a tongue rubbed repeatedly across your face, you can understand what he’s in for.