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I’m Turning Pro.

I’ve been a college football fan for around 35 years. I’m not talking about a fan of a division II program Like the UTM Pacers or nighthawks or whatever… I, was a division one fan. UT Vols All The Way!

So it is with deep reservations that I have decided to turn Pro after 35 years in the collegiate ranks. I will look back on the Vols fondly, as my favorite “College” team. And will follow them with interest as they battle other SEC teams. There is some pressure jumping from the amature ranks where as a fan I was 1-2, to an UNDEFEATED 3 and 0 team, but I feel I am making the adjustments and fitting in nicely.

By the way.. My letter to Vince Young:

Dear Vince, please do not let the media get in your head. You are an undefeated national champion QB as well as the 1st pick in the draft by a group of men much smarter than both of us combined. Just relax and focus. I know what it is like to be boo’d. I’ve been boo’d. I’m a touring comedian. What you have to keep in mind is that 99.9 % of your critics could not perform as well as you on your worst play. I wish I knew what to say that could bring a smile to your face, but I’m not that good at my job either.