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Tellin Tales

I’ve had a ball working in Branson Mo, the show capital of America this last season and a half. We finished up for 2016 at the Famous Baldknobber’s Theater. It’s been a learning experience, going from standup comedy to a two person show and the learning took place in front of live audiences. We are so grateful for the people who have came out and supported the show, the Mabe Family, Jim Holmes our manager and the best sound man in Branson Brian Hissink. We hope to be back next year for some shows and to see some friends. It’s a great town. We also have some road gigs coming soon.
Meanwhile, I’ve got a few stand up shows coming up,
Dec 10th Kentucky State Police Lodge 4
Jan 27th Dallas Georgia (W/Tellin Tales)
Feb 3/4 Greenville SC
10/11 Greensboro NC
17/18 Fredricksburg VA
22 Manchester TN
24/25 Charleston WV
March 24/25 Cary N.C.
April 5th – 9th Zanies Nashville. Closing the 5th, featuring for Killer Beaz 6-9.
Also, check out Funny Business on the internet, it’s a funny show about the Thurmond family and their Circus work/adventures. I’m in a couple of episodes myself.
Have a great one, and thanks for reading!

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2016 show dates

Stand up
Comedy Zone 101 W Springbrook Dr., Johnson City, TN 37604
(423) 282-4611
Feb. 26th & 27th 7:30pm
Campbellsville Country Club 3064 Hodgenville Rd, Campbellsville, KY 42718
(270) 465-3620
March 5th 8:00pm
Tellin Tales Comedy Tour:
The Baldknobbers’ Theatre 2835 W 76 Country Blvd. Branson, MO. 65616
(417) 334-4528
March 7th – 9th 2:00 pm
Dallas Theater Address: 208 Main St, Dallas, GA 30132
(678) 363-0813
March 11th – 7:30 pm
The Baldknobbers’ Theatre 2835 W 76 Country Blvd. Branson, MO. 65616
(417) 334-4528
March 23rd – 25th 2:00pm
March 28th- 31st 2:00pm
April 5th- 8th 2:00 pm
April 19th- 22nd 2:00pm
April 26th – 29th 2:00pm
Stand up:
Funny Bone in Des Moines IA. 560 S Prairie View Dr. #100, West Des Moines, IA 50266
(515) 270-2100
May 4th – 7th 7:30 pm with Etta May
The Baldknobbers’ Theatre 2835 W 76 Country Blvd. Branson, MO. 65616
(417) 334-4528
May 10th – 13th 2:00pm
May 17th 20th 2:00pm
May 24th -26th 2:00pm
May 27th & 28th 10:00am
May 31st – June 3rd 2:00pm
June 7th – 10th 2:00pm
June 14th – 17th 2:00pm
June 21st – 24th 2:00pm
June 28th – July 1st 2:00 pm
July 5th – 8th 2:00 pm
July 12th – 15th 2:00 pm
July 19th – 22nd 2:00pm
Aug. 9th & 10th 2:00 pm
Sept. 13th – 16th 10:00am
Sept. 20th – 23rd 10:00am
Oct. 4th – 6th 10:00 am, 7th 2:00pm
Oct. 25th & 26th 2:00pm
Nov. 16th – 18th 10:00 am
Dec. 2nd 2:00pm 3rd 10:00am
Dec. 9th 2:00 pm 10th 10:00 am

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New Tour Dates

I’ve had a ball lately getting to open for the incredible Etta May, as well as getting to bring friends on the road when I close. A special shout out to the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville Ky, I can’t say I have ever been treated better.

Very exciting news about working with the Tellin’ Tales Comedy Tour Show Starring Reality TV Stars Joey Thurmond – Former WCW Wrestler and star of the new TV Show “Funny Business” and  Chico – From the #1 Hit TV Show on the Discovery Channel “Moonshiners”!

You can catch me in Branson MO. September 22nd-26th, October 27th-31st, November 18th-22nd, December 12th-14th: at the Crystal Theatre 3431 W. Hwy 76 Branson, MO 65616.


September 2nd at Zanies Nashville A Fundraising Event Benefitting MITCHELL MIELNIK’S FAMILY  featuring RENO COLLIER and Friends

September 17th-20th Zanies Nashville with Killer Beaz

October 10th Paducah, KY Country Club 6500 Turnberry Drive,  Paducah, KY 42001-8656 270-554-7914


That’s it for now, thanks for the visit! Dan



I’ve had some pretty good reviews of my new CD, “Inappropriate Sense Of Humor”, recorded live at Zanies Nashville in late October and released a couple of weeks ago. A copy can be ordered here on my website via Paypal, or catch a live show and grab one there.

Upcoming shows for Feb. Tuesday 2-3-15 Zanies Nashville

Thurs-Sunday (2-5-15 to 2-8-15) Comedy Catch w/Tony Tone, Chattanooga Tn.

Valentine’s day, Zanesville Ohio

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Strike Zone Sports Lounge

Ok, I actually won’t be there this Friday, but the very Funny Chad Riden will and Brian Kiley will, and it’s free to the public and it’s going to be a great show so… go catch a live show and do a little bowling.

Or… You can drive to Cleveland Ohio and see me at the Improv. They are allowing me to bring my headliner, so I got Ralphie May to come with me.

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The very funny Rik Roberts is hosting an open mic at Zanies tonight if you’re looking for a good time and a lot of laughs. Several funny people will be bringing the laughter, followed by me doing around 30.

Thursday through Sunday will be the incredibly funny Ralphie May, regarded by many one of the best working comics alive, (count me as one). If you’ve never seen him live, you need to. If you have seen him live, trust me, it’s a new show every time he comes to town.

August 14th I’ll be co-headlining a show with Chad Riden, (who I owe money) in Dickson Tn. at the “Thunder Alley Family Entertainment center strike zone sports lounge”. I’ve never worked a room with such a long name, so I’m pretty pumped about that, as well as working with Chad and Brian Kiley.
The address is 533 Hwy 46 south, Dickson Tn. 37055

Have a good un!

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Bob and Tom

This coming Tuesday morning, May 26th I’ll be joining Bob and Tom on my favorite radio show, (sorry Rush). I’ll also be working that week at Zanies in Nashville with Andy Dick, star of the stage and screen and will be back at Zanies the following Wed/Thurs to open for Janet Williams and Lahana Turner. Thanks Zanies!

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It’s still cold.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this website, mostly because I forgot I had one, and partially due to just regular laziness.

I’m currently in Milwaukee with two shows Saturday at the Potowaname (sic?) casino to wrap up a three casino run including two in northern Michigan. Of course I didn’t bring a jacket in spite of the fact that there is still snow on the ground in spots, but it felt pretty warm when I left Tennessee. Apparently, Al Gore causes global warming.

Fortunately I was able to keep my vow of only gambling with money I would have otherwise given the homeless, so I’m not out much.

Thanks to all the folks that made it out to Zanies April 28th for the benefit show for the luekemia association. Shawn Tidwell did a great job following a very sobering video of the effects of such a terrible disease, making my job quite a bit easier. The crowd was fantastic and it was great to see so many opening their hearts and wallets for a cure.

Can’t wait to get home and see my big hammer-headed dog. If you’ve ever had a tongue rubbed repeatedly across your face, you can understand what he’s in for.

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Why Chain letters work

One of our presidential hopes has stated boldly that 95 % of Americans would be getting a federal tax break under his plan. Since only around 70 % of citizens pay taxes, over 20 % of Americans would be getting a tax relief check from the government even though they didn’t pay taxes. Of these 20 % of Americans, I’m assuming 2 % do not watch the news, or follow current events. Half of them, or 1% would not know why they got the check. .07 % of these people who get a check recently forwarded a chain letter.

And… that’s how chain letters work.

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I’m Turning Pro.

I’ve been a college football fan for around 35 years. I’m not talking about a fan of a division II program Like the UTM Pacers or nighthawks or whatever… I, was a division one fan. UT Vols All The Way!

So it is with deep reservations that I have decided to turn Pro after 35 years in the collegiate ranks. I will look back on the Vols fondly, as my favorite “College” team. And will follow them with interest as they battle other SEC teams. There is some pressure jumping from the amature ranks where as a fan I was 1-2, to an UNDEFEATED 3 and 0 team, but I feel I am making the adjustments and fitting in nicely.

By the way.. My letter to Vince Young:

Dear Vince, please do not let the media get in your head. You are an undefeated national champion QB as well as the 1st pick in the draft by a group of men much smarter than both of us combined. Just relax and focus. I know what it is like to be boo’d. I’ve been boo’d. I’m a touring comedian. What you have to keep in mind is that 99.9 % of your critics could not perform as well as you on your worst play. I wish I knew what to say that could bring a smile to your face, but I’m not that good at my job either.