Author: Dan Whitehurst

It’s still cold.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this website, mostly because I forgot I had one, and partially due to just regular laziness. I’m currently in Milwaukee with two shows Saturday at the Potowaname (sic?) casino to wrap up

Why Chain letters work

One of our presidential hopes has stated boldly that 95 % of Americans would be getting a federal tax break under his plan. Since only around 70 % of citizens pay taxes, over 20 % of Americans would be getting

I’m Turning Pro.

I’ve been a college football fan for around 35 years. I’m not talking about a fan of a division II program Like the UTM Pacers or nighthawks or whatever… I, was a division one fan. UT Vols All The Way!


Thanks Tomorrow is my birthday. May 28. On May 17th, I had a surprise party thrown by some really cool folks at my house. I saw the balloons on the street sign and thought someone had a baby. Nope! A

When it’s a job

I tend to get sick more than the average person. I’m generally able to shake it off pretty quick, but it always seems to occure at the least convienient time. Like now for instance. I’m nearing the middle of a

Tough guy shots

Had a fun run in Florida, worked the Club Med for the first time. The deal is, you stay 7 days at Club Med, then do 2 shows over the weekend. All food and drinks are free. I now weigh

positive signs

Sometimes things just happen to work out for the better, but it never fails to shock me… I did a show for about 7 people several months ago in the Gatlinburg area. The show went about as I expected. But,

Local Shows

7:00 pm tonight…Woody’s Smokes and Brews 1935 Mallory Lane, Franklin Tn. Rick Wey, Mark Anundson and I will be all jokey jokey. Rick will be taping a cd. I will be enjoying performing in the state for a change.

Dog uses heimlich to save owner

A labrador is credited with saving a life using a heimlich technique to save his owner who was choking. People seldom appreciate how intelligent dogs really are. The dog also probably realizes he was practicing medicine without a license. Oh


It’s March 17th 2007. I’m in Marysville Ohio. Yes, the name is intimidating, but so far the people seem peaceful. I drove through snow to get here. Snow. It’s March 17th. It was snow. There ya go.